What We Do

How do you stay ahead of federal mandates? Increase efficiencies? Meet tight budgets? QBE is an expert at addressing these complex challenges. We align what’s worked in the commercial world with your organization’s mission. But we don’t just apply a particular technology or process—we deliver cost-effective, proven solutions that move your organization ahead.


Combining technical expertise with solid programmatics to deliver solutions where others can’t


Increasing data-driven decision making to maximize success 


As a trusted partner, QBE will provide valuable technical expertise and the experience with requirements and contracts your organization needs. 


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Combine technical and contractual knowledge to increase the efficiency of your organization’s acquisition process.

Cloud Infrastructure

Increase on-demand availability of application data through enhanced cloud solutions, whether that’s a cloud-hosted, on-premise, or hybrid design. 


Cyber risks are increasing and will have larger impacts as greater access to information becomes available.