Combining technical and contractual knowledge to increase the efficiency of your organization’s acquisition process

Developing and deploying new capabilities (either custom developed or an off the shelf capability) can be a challenging endeavor. One of the more challenging components of this effort is the creation and award of a new contract. Mission supporting contracts requires expert understanding of the acquisition process, contractual mechanisms, as well as an in-depth understanding of the requirements.

QBE’s success in implementing contracts with the US Army and other agencies throughout the world stems from its integration of technical and contractual knowledge. Our engineers possess extensive acquisition knowledge that when partnered with Contract Specialists can create a technical solution and implementation methodology that takes into account both technical and contractual drivers, ensuring all requirements are included in the contract and RFP development process.

The QBE Approach

Developing a contract package - including (but not limited to) requirements generation, award and out-year sustainment – often involves the integration of number of artifacts as well as the cooperation and input of multiple organizations (and their supporting personnel). The package and solution must take into account not only the immediate requirements, but the future continuing operation of the system. It is paramount that there is a complete understanding of a system and its evolving future requirements.

QBE works directly on the ground with customer leadership to analyze the operational impact of future requirements. By understanding this roadmap, QBE provides solutions for developing contract packages that include these requirements in the primary package, allowing for out-year support in a flexible and executable manner.