System Engineering and Technical Assistance

System Engineering and Technical Assistance

Serving as a trusted partner to provide the technical, requirements and contractual expertise your organization needs

QBE’s technical advisors’ partner with government’s engineering and acquisition staff to augment the agencies’ level of expertise and knowledge to ensure a clear understanding of mission, vision, and roles to achieve organizational objectives.

The QBE Approach

QBE utilizes its SETA support experience with the Defense Acquisition University (DAU) to define a list of SETA support services roles. A series of initial meetings allows the customer’s scope, requirement, vision, and mission to be fully understood, allowing for the most appropriate pairing of service categories to service areas. These preliminary meetings combined with QBE’s extensive industry experience allow us to identify gaps and propose prospective solutions while bringing to light the skillsets and roles required to meet the mission needs.

QBE takes its analysis further than just a simple gap analysis by focusing on the flow of information, technical communication, and directive vision. Large enterprises and directorates with multiple layers of technical expertise and numerous integrated projects need a defined vision to guide the experts to sync with the operational considerations and actions of the organization. Integration and communication at the level between the technical and operational facets of an organization is an essential component of the expertise provided by QBE and is key to the successful support of our customers.